Saturday, September 04, 2010

Forehand: "I Didn't Quit When You Needed Me"

In a blast email sent out yesterday, District 17 Senator Jennie Forehand condemned challenger Cheryl Kagan for using "some truly twisted facts" in her mailers and walking away from her constituents after two terms. Following is the email.

I'll Stand by You

Dear Friends:

As a parent and a working woman, I learned that you can't walk away when people are counting on you. Now, I have to count on you for help on primary election day.

In the Democratic race for the District 17 Senate nomination, my opponent got nervous and went on the attack with some truly twisted facts.

I understand why she got the events wrong. She wasn't there when they happened.

That's because my opponent walked away after only two terms while I stayed and fought for my constituents.

I fought to balance the budget in a tough economy, to combat the gang problem, to make sure our schools had adequate funding, to bring jobs to our region, to help those facing foreclosure, and to repeal the death penalty.

But to keep working for you, I need your help. Will you e-mail to volunteer on primary election day?

I was involved in the death penalty repeal from the beginning to the final vote, as the Chairman of the Senate Committee will attest.

And, it was my bill that repealed the computer services tax within months of it becoming law and kept high tech firms from fleeing Maryland. It was through my efforts that this ill-advised tax--passed as part of the State's budget during an emergency special session--was delayed so it could be reconsidered.

Early voting starts today at the Executive Office Building in Rockville. Polls are open 10 am to 8 pm from September 3rd to September 7th (excluding Sunday). By voting early and giving up an extra hour, the time you'd have spent voting on September 14th could be spent at the polls supporting my campaign.

I didn't quit when you needed me. I hope I can count on your help now so I can continue to stand up for you. Please e-mail my campaign and find out how you can assist on primary day, Tuesday, September 14.



P.S. Together with the whole District 17 Team -- Delegates Kumar Barve, Luiz Simmons, and Jim Gilchrist -- hope to see you at the polls on September 14!