Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ethics Counsel Comments on Manno's Wife

District 19 Senate challenger Roger Manno's campaign has forwarded us the following statement from William G. Somerville, Ethics Counsel to the General Assembly, on the allegations made by Senator Mike Lenett concerning Manno's disclosure of certain facts related to his wife.

Delegate Manno's wife's employment was appropriately disclosed to the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics, in a timely manner and as a matter of public record. Her employment was also disclosed to the State Ethics Commission, and any discrepancies were appropriately corrected at Delegate Manno's own initiation. It is not infrequent for officials to amend their disclosure statements. Delegate Manno brought this matter to the State Ethics Commission's attention on his own volition, and it is clear from the record that Delegate Manno did not have any intention to conceal information. In addition, it is my understanding from the State Ethics Commission that Delegate Manno was not required to list any leasehold interests that his wife may hold in which Delegate Manno does not hold an attributable interest, which is the situation in this case.