Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Datt Attack

District 14 House candidate Neeta Datt is going after Delegate Anne Kaiser and her teammate, Craig Zucker, for accepting Bo Newsome onto their slate. She contends that Kaiser and Zucker are “sacrificing core Democratic values for personal political gain” by gathering endorsements from progressive groups and then teaming up with the non-progressive Newsome. Kaiser and Zucker have already taken some heat for choosing to run with Newsome and Datt is trying to capitalize on that to round up some votes.

Following is Datt’s press release.



September 1, 2010

Wheaton, Maryland – At a picnic hosted by the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance on August 28, Neeta Datt, Candidate for Delegate for District 14, told the crowd of approximately 75 people gathered, that candidate Robert Newsome wasn’t a Progressive and that by joining on a slate with him, candidates Anne Kaiser and Craig Zucker were sacrificing core Democratic values for personal political gain.

“Robert Newsome is on the record as opposing a woman’s right to choose, opposing the right of gays and lesbians to marry, and opposing universal health care,” Datt said. “He also supports the death penalty and supports the use of public money for private religious schools. He’s definitely not a Progressive and I have to wonder if he’s really a Democrat.”

Earlier in the campaign, Candidates Anne Kaiser and Craig Zucker formed a slate and courted the endorsements from traditionally more liberal organizations. Only after they had received these endorsements, did they add Robert Newsome to their slate. Said Datt, “they knew they wouldn’t have received these endorsements with Mr. Newsome on the slate. It was a calculated political manipulation intended to deceive the endorsing organizations and voters alike. These are not the type of leaders we want to send to Annapolis. We need leaders who will stand on principle and who won’t compromise their values regardless of the circumstances.”

Asked later what prompted her to make these statements, Datt explained, “I believe in transparency. The voters deserve to know who they are voting for. The voters deserve to know who they can really trust and who is a principled leader. The voters deserve to be represented by leaders with integrity. So, the voters deserve to have the information they need to make a fully-informed decisions. All I did was give them information by stating the facts.”

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