Thursday, September 09, 2010

Becky Wagner: Incumbency is Not Tenure

County Council At-Large candidate Becky Wagner is once again spanking the incumbents and their mutual non-aggression pact. Following is her email to supporters.

Incumbency is not tenure!

Dear friends and neighbors,

Over the course of this campaign, the incumbent members of the Montgomery County Council have done everything they can to gloss over and make us forget the lack of civility and embarrassing public displays acted out in the council chambers and the media.

In fact, after all of their petty personal squabbling, they decided that in order to save their own jobs, they need to finally get along with each other, in what can only be described as an election year miracle.

It took a $1 Billion budget deficit to get their attention. One incumbent council member wrote to her constituents, “As you know, the FY11 budget was fairly disastrous.” I am not sure this county has four more “fairly disastrous” years in it.

Re-election of the incumbents will affirm their conduct and their choices. I don't know about you, but after watching 3 ½ years of this council, I believe we can do better.

Our need to return integrity, honesty and civility is the first reason I am running for County Council. Residents have the right to expect our elected leaders to model civility as they represent us. We have the right to see elected officials make us proud as they model constructive and collaborative behavior on behalf of the County.

When The Gazette endorsed me, they noted my "ability to criticize bad policy without making personal attacks." The challenges we face as a county are too great for four more years of small politics.

Are you satisfied with the status quo? If so, I am not your candidate. However, if you have had enough and know that we can do better, vote on September 14 for me, Becky Wagner, County Council At-Large.