Monday, August 09, 2010

The Weirdest Flyer of the Campaign Season

At yesterday’s Council At-Large forum in Gaithersburg, the weirdest flyer your author has seen this year was distributed to the audience. And its featured candidate was none other than:

Duchy Trachtenberg.

Here is the front side.

Your author remembers this flyer well. It was a slam piece against Trachtenberg and Phil Andrews handed out by MCGEO when they proposed trimming two points from the county employees’ cost of living adjustment in 2008. (How quaint that fight now seems.) My first thought was that MCGEO had come to the forum to harass Trachtenberg. But no MCGEO staffers or members were in attendance.

Now here is the back side.

This is a presentation of Trachtenberg’s campaign message starting with her three key points of independence, integrity and fiscal responsibility. Her legislative snapshot includes three measures opposed by labor and an excerpt from her now-infamous smackdown letter to the public employee unions. This side of the flyer contains Trachtenberg’s authority line and her campaign manager, Woody Brosnan, confirmed to your author that it was a genuine document issued by the campaign.

So Trachtenberg is using an attack piece from the unions as grounds for seeking votes. How many candidates hand out their enemies’ propaganda? And is she running in the Democratic primary or the Republican primary?