Saturday, August 14, 2010

Volunteer Fire Fighters Make Endorsements

The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association has released its endorsement list for the 2010 election. They are supporting:

Council District 1: Roger Berliner
Council District 2: Craig Rice
Council District 3: Phil Andrews
Council District 4: Nancy Navarro
Council District 5: Valerie Ervin
Council At-Large: Hans Riemer
District 14 Senate: Rona Kramer
District 14 House: Anne Kaiser, Bo Newsome, Craig Zucker
District 17 Senate: Jennie Forehand
District 19 Senate: Roger Manno
District 19 House: Ben Kramer

Their decision to endorse Hans Riemer without endorsing any of the four at-large incumbents can be explained by the fact that the incumbents all voted for the ambulance fee, and Duchy Trachtenberg even flipped her vote to support it. We reproduce their press release below.