Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MoCo Business PAC Makes First Round of Endorsements

The Montgomery County Business PAC has made its first round of endorsements in its priority races in the county. Their picks so far include:

Council At-Large: Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal, Duchy Trachtenberg, Becky Wagner
Council District 1: Ilaya Hopkins
Council District 2: Craig Rice
Council District 3: None (Phil Andrews did not complete their questionnaire)
Council District 4: Nancy Navarro
Council District 5: Valerie Ervin

Senate 14: Rona Kramer
Senate 15: Rob Garagiola
Senate 18: Rich Madaleno
Senate 39: Nancy King

House 14: Anne Kaiser, Bo Newsome, Craig Zucker
House 15: Kathleen Dumais, Brian Feldman, David Fraser-Hidalgo

Following is the PAC's full press release.