Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MCGEO Defeats Rival Union

MCGEO has defeated the rival union seeking to take over two of its bargaining units. Following is a message from MCGEO President Gino Renne to his members.


The raid on Local 1994’s units is officially over. The UFCW International and the International representing the raiding organization signed a binding agreement this week. Staff representatives who were soliciting for signatures have left town.

The other organization recognized that our members were not persuaded by the misrepresentations they made about our accomplishments.

Thanks to all the stewards, activists and rank and file members who recognized the threat that this raid presented to our future.

Our members are justifiably proud of what we have accomplished since 1983. I am personally proud that they responded so well to our calls.

Once again thank you, brothers and sisters, for standing up for your union and please convey my heartfelt appreciation to the members in your unit as well.

Together we are united.

In Solidarity,