Thursday, August 05, 2010

Marc Korman's Central Committee Letter

Marc is running for reelection to a seat on the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee in District 16.


Dear District 16 Democrat,

When you head to the polls in September and get down to the bottom of the ballot, please make sure you cast a vote to reelect me, Marc Korman, to the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee for District 16.

As you know, the Central Committee is the governing body of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. With your help, we raise funds for Democrats, staff the polls on Election Day, and help get out the Democratic message. These past few years have been an unparalleled success: the County Council and our legislative delegation to Annapolis are entirely Democratic and President Obama won more votes in Montgomery County than any previous Democratic presidential nominee.

Working alongside my District 16 colleagues Karen Britto and Simon Atlas, as well as each of you, I have helped keep the Democrats strong in Montgomery County. Among the accomplishments we have achieved together are:

Grassroots: Making District 16 home to the best staffed precinct organization in the state. All 33 precincts in the district are staffed with chairs, vice chairs, and other volunteers to work the polls on Election Day, bring new voters into the Democratic Party, and spread our message. The precinct organization exists thanks to you, the amazing and hardworking political activists of District 16 who comprise it.

Fundraising: Raising approximately $100,000 for the County Democrats by putting together the annual Spring Ball program book for the past four years. The program book, seen by the more than 500 attendees at our annual Spring Ball, is filled with advertisements from elected officials, candidates, unions, local businesses, and activists. It is a major source of funds for the County Democrats.

Co-chairing the Democratic Forum, one of the Democratic Party’s donor clubs. For a fixed price, committed Democrats donate to the organization and get to attend special events. Events we have organized have included presentations by elected officials such as Michigan Congressman John Conyers, political pundits including Congressional commentator Norm Ornstein, and campaign operatives including those from the Democratic National Committee. You can learn more at

Outreach: Bringing new community members into the Democratic Party through events such as the fall 2007 fundraiser with the Maryland Democratic Party Chair, working closely with the District 16 Democratic Club and the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Democratic Breakfast Club, and successfully recruiting new people into the precinct organization.

Working to modernize the Democratic Party’s outreach by establishing better email communications and a Facebook page. You can “friend” us at “Montgomery Dems” on Facebook.

Election Reform: Working with the Democratic Party’s Issues Committee to promote important issues such as: early voting, making it easier to register to vote, and ensuring Democrats’ ability to speak to voters at the polls.

I have only started this job and want to do more for you. The names of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee candidates will be on your primary ballot; so, when you walk into the polling booth on September 14, 2010 I ask that you vote for me along with my District 16 teammate Almina Khorakiwala and at-large candidates Simon Atlas, Alan Banov, Vivian Malloy, Sandy Raymond, Elly Shaw-Belblidia, Venattia Vann, Marie Wallace and Janet Williams. Together, we can keep working hard to keep the Democratic Party vibrant and strong in Montgomery County.

You can vote at your regular polling place on Tuesday, September 14th or at an early voting location from September 3rd to September 9th (except on Sunday) between the hours of 10:00am and 8:00pm. The two most convenient locations for District 16 residents are the Executive Office Building at 101 Monroe Street in Rockville or the Silver Spring Civic Center on Fenton Street in Downtown Silver Spring.

Although I want your vote, I also want your involvement. If you would like to know more about the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, volunteer in some new capacity, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 240/447-1175 or

Thank you for your support and do not forget to vote on September 14th.


Marc Korman
District 16
Montgomery County
Democratic Central Committee

Endorsed By District 16 Residents Including

Attorney General Doug Gansler
State Senator Brian Frosh
Delegate Bill Bronrott
Delegate Susan Lee
Delegate Bill Frick
Delegate Karen Britto
Councilman Roger Berliner
Simon Atlas
Paul Mandell
Susie Turnbull
Sue Byrnes
Matt Herrmann
Roxana Olivas
Jim Mercurio
Jeffrey Slavin
Jon Weintraub
Ben Ross
Lucy Freeman

By Authority of Friends of Marc Korman
Karen Britto, Chair
Mark Brown, Treasurer
4850 Montgomery Lane Bethesda, MD 20814