Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Save the U.S. Postal Service

Everyone knows that the U.S. Postal Service is having problems. It is losing money, losing market share to electronic communications, increasing its reliance on contractors and contemplating cuts to Saturday service. But one man in Montgomery County has the answer. He is:

District 19 Senator Mike Lenett!

Lenett's mailings are so frequent, so voluminous and so numerous that they may single-handedly put USPS in the black. OK, maybe not, but can you imagine the impact a thousand Lenetts all around the nation might have? The other beneficiaries of Lenett's generosity are the other politicians and advocacy organizations that appear in his mailers as supporters. Those people should pay Lenett for publicizing them all over his district!

Here is Lenett's latest mailer, which arrived in door slots last week.

Two quick notes for those of you who are more concerned about politics than about the fate of the Postal Service.

1. Challenger Roger Manno's campaign motto is "Leadership Takes Teamwork," which is intended to imply that Lenett is not a team player. Lenett's new mailer directly takes on that messaging with several quotes emphasizing his ability to work with others. The starting quote from the Governor is one example:

One of his greatest strengths is his ability work together with his colleagues, constituents and advocates to build coalitions and get things done.
2. One of Manno's assets is that he has been endorsed by former Senator Len Teitelbaum and former Delegates Adrienne Mandel and Carol Petzold. Teitelbaum stepped down rather than face Lenett in 2006, and both Mandel and Petzold were defeated by Lenett for the Senate seat. Lenett is attempting to turn their support for Manno to his advantage with this language:

Four years ago, we voted for bold, new progressive leadership - we elected Mike Lenett to the State Senate - and it's working for us...

Now the very people who opposed Mike's run in 2006 are joining together to try to turn back the change we made. We need to stand with Mike on September 14th and continue fighting for bold progressive leadership.
This is good stuff, folks, and we know Roger Manno will respond. Who would think that political junkies and postal workers would have identical reasons for rejoicing?