Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hopkins Claims 300 Contributors, $62,000 Raised

Council District 1 challenger Ilaya Hopkins has sent out a mass email claiming to have 300 contributors and $62,000 in campaign receipts as of her first campaign finance report (which covered activity through August 10). The email does not state how much of the receipts came from self-financing or the amount of cash on hand she possesses. Roger Berliner reported a balance of $98,834.18 as of January 2010. If Berliner responds, we will run it; otherwise, we will report on his finances along with everyone else in a week. Following is Hopkins's email.

A Great Success!

Dear [Voter],

I asked for your support and the response has been tremendous! Thank you!

Over the last few days, we had a surge in the volume of contributions to the campaign from long time supporters and newcomers alike, exceeding our goal for this reporting period. In the six months since February, we have raised over $62,000 from over 300 contributors. This allows us to go into the final month strong.

My opponent had close to six figures in the bank when he filed his previous report in January. That is one of the many advantages of being an incumbent. Just as I will do on the county council, I will use every dollar efficiently and give the job my full commitment.

Filing our report with the state is not the end of our work. If you missed yesterday's deadline, you can still contribute by check or on-line. We are working full time to reach voters - face to face, by phone, by mail and at Metro stations and community events. Just as every dollar matters, so to does every hour of volunteering. Please contact the campaign and we will find a way to help that fits your schedule.

Victory in September will take a lot of work. Having seen the outpouring of support in the past week, I am confident we will do it together.

There are thirty four days until the election. Let's make them count.


Ilaya Hopkins