Friday, August 06, 2010

Ali Accuses King of Dirty Tricks

In a new blast email, Ali for Senate campaign manager Ben Shnider has accused Senator Nancy King's campaign of stealing Ali's signs and engaging in "dirty tricks." This comes on the heels of a contentious debate on News Channel 8 that can be seen on video in clips released by Ali. We will be carrying those clips, but first see Shnider's email from yesterday below.

Dear Friend:

As I write this email, do you know what our committed campaign staff and volunteers are doing? They are driving around District 39, replacing Ali for Senate campaign yard signs that have been deliberately ripped out of Ali supporters’ yards by allies of our opponent. With 37 days left until Primary Day, Nancy King senses that our grassroots organization is gaining steam and she is resorting to even more dirty tricks.

Just yesterday we had over 5 supporters email or call our office, notifying us that someone had pulled up to their house and ripped out their Ali yard sign. Most of them described a young woman in a dark car parking in front of their home, grabbing their yard sign, and speeding away. If your yard sign was stolen please call our campaign office at (301) 685-3409 or email us at

Running a grassroots campaign against an entrenched incumbent is never easy. This is not the first underhanded campaign tactic we have faced and it surely won’t be the last. We will not let these dirty tricks prevent us from talking substantively about issues of concern to District 39 voters. We need your help to convey our positive message for Maryland's future. Our next financial filing deadline is on August 10th, only five days away, and we must send a strong message that District 39 is ready for a change in leadership.

Please help Saqib stand up for our progressive values by making a financial contribution today!

Together we have come a long way since Saqib first announced his candidacy in May. We have knocked on thousands of doors, talked to thousands of voters and organized communities across District 39. We have worked too hard to let these dirty tactics slow us down.

Contribute now and help Saqib give District 39 a real voice in Annapolis!



Ben Shnider
Campaign Manager, Ali for Senate