Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ali Takes it to King in New Mailer

District 39 Senate challenger Saqib Ali takes on incumbent Nancy King in a new mailer on arguably the county's number one issue: education. After noting Maryland's number one ranking in public schools, Ali says the following about King's one-time support of the private-school financing BOAST bill.

Two of Montgomery County’s eight State Senators voted to divert public funds to private religious schools. One of them was my opponent — a former Republican who admitted she switched parties “when I decided to run for office.” She bowed to back room pressure and abandoned our interests in a move she now admits was “a political thing on my part.”

That’s why I’m running for State Senate — to put Democratic values first and to end back room games.

In the Democratic primary on September 14th, vote for the True Blue Democrat for State Senate: Saqib Ali.