Monday, July 26, 2010

Maryland LCV Releases Second Round of Endorsements

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has released its second round of endorsements. (Click here for the first round from June.) In MoCo, its recommended candidates now include:

District 14 Senate: Karen Montgomery
District 14 House: Anne Kaiser, Eric Luedtke, Craig Zucker
District 15 Senate: Rob Garagiola
District 15 House: Kathleen Dumais, Brian Feldman, Aruna Miller
District 16 Senate: Brian Frosh
District 16 House: Bill Frick, Susan Lee
District 17 Senate: Cheryl Kagan
District 17 House: Kumar Barve, Jim Gilchrist, Luiz Simmons
District 18 Senate: Rich Madaleno
District 18 House: Al Carr, Ana Sol Gutierrez, Jeff Waldstreicher
District 19 Senate: Mike Lenett
District 19 House: Ben Kramer, Bonnie Cullison
District 20 Senate: Jamie Raskin
District 20 House: Sheila Hixson, Tom Hucker, Heather Mizeur
District 39 Senate: Saqib Ali
District 39 House: Charles Barkley, Kirill Reznik, Shane Robinson

Of the above candidates, most are incumbents. The challengers are Karen Montgomery, Cheryl Kagan and Saqib Ali, all running for Senate. The open seat endorsees are Eric Luedtke and Craig Zucker (D-14), Aruna Miller (D-15), Bonnie Cullison (D-19) and Shane Robinson (D-39). All five of these open seat candidates have a number of other endorsements and a good chance to win.

For the full statewide list, click here.