Monday, July 26, 2010

Battleground: Leisure World

District 19 Senator Mike Lenett and challenger Roger Manno are waging an intense struggle in Leisure World, the largest single location of votes in the district. In 2006, 14% of all Democratic primary votes for Senate were cast in Leisure World. In the Delegate race, Leisure World accounted for 15% of all primary votes. Our spies in the highly coveted enclave report that both candidates are working so hard for support that they are virtually living there. Following are their latest ads from the July 20 edition of Leisure World News.

This is Mike Lenett's colossal two-page ad, in which he repeats his "Coffee Clutch Crew Creed" and promises not to "trespass" by stuffing flyers under residents' doors. He also includes a grab-bag of endorsement quotes.

And here is Roger Manno's full-page ad, in which he repeats his support from Delegate Hank Heller, former Senator Len Teitelbaum and former Delegates Adrienne Mandel and Carol Petzold.

Anyone want to buy any stock in Leisure World News? They sure are making a lot of money these days!