Monday, July 19, 2010

Herman Taylor’s FEC Report

By Marc Korman.

Wondering why the 4th Congressional District is not one of our “Primaries to Watch?” Wonder no more.

According to Delegate Herman Taylor’s quarterly campaign finance report, he has a grand total of $6,646 cash on hand having raised just $4,000 during the quarter. The report also indicates Delegate Taylor has spent no money out of his federal account thus far. Back in January, the Congressional hopeful had no funds left in his state campaign account.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Donna Edwards raised $131,294 over the past three months and has over $200,000 cash on hand. Congresswoman Edwards had a slow fundraising year in 2009. She reported just $56,000 cash on hand at the end of last year, a pretty low figure for an incumbent. She began increasing her fundraising activity when Prince George’s State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey threatened to run against her and has not let up since.

Money alone cannot win the election, but the disparity between the two candidates means that absent a scandal of Watergate proportions, Congresswoman Edwards will be nominated for another term.