Thursday, July 29, 2010

MCGEO Digs Up Dirt on Raiding Rival

MCGEO has unearthed the following unfair labor practice charges filed by a member of its rival union in Indiana.

The member claims:

The above named union, (UPSEU) has been engaging in various acts which would include but are not limited to:

A.) Restricting my ability to participate in local union elections by refusing access to current membership data and by prohibiting other members from obtaining accurate information about all eligible candidates.

B.) Consistently failing to uphold specific terms of the labor agreement between Professional Transportation Inc. and the UPSEU. Example: Management has been allowed to unfairly discipline union employees without any union representation or without being subjected to an established grievance process. Employees who have been disciplined or wrongfully terminated for alleged misconduct have not been allowed to defend themselves against the employers unsubstantiated claims or charges. The union will not acknowledge these violations even after being notified.

C.) Union has refused to provide any information about the name(s) or local office(s) of a legitimate union representative. This has prevented members from seeking assistance with matters that are relevant to employment or to their contract.

D.) Union has refused to provide any information about collected dues money or any other financial matters which are directly related to the membership of the UPSEU.

Now these are merely charges, not proof of actual misconduct. They would have had to be heard by a National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge and perhaps have been sent up to the board itself. We do not know the outcome of these accusations.

But they are juicy, no?