Monday, July 19, 2010

MCGEO Rival Goes Ballistic

The National Corrections Employees Union (NCEU)/United Public Service Employees Union (UPSEU), which is trying to take over two bargaining units from MCGEO, sent out a mass attack email last week to Montgomery County email accounts. (This is a violation of county government policy.) This rhetoric is the toughest yet. Following is the email.

July 15, 2010

Facts About MCGEO That Should Concern You


Financially the union doesn't have the ability to service your needs. It only has $210,000 in the bank. While it claims 2.2 million dollars in assets, the building it bought is mortgaged to the hilt and is worth less than the mortgage owed. With a balloon payment due in a few short years, MCGEO will need to dramatically increase your dues.

The union operates with a structural deficit.


Denies you the right to elect your shop stewards.

Denies you the right to elect your negotiating team representatives, opting instead to have a hand-picked group represent you.

Denies you the right to have elected unit leadership for your unit.

Denies you the right to vote on dues increases passed down throught the UFCW international union. Nearly $1,000,000.00 of your MCGEO dues is sent to the UFCW international union; UFCW provides you nothing in return.


When the MCGEO gave back your 4.5% raises they didn't negotiate an extension of the contract in exchange for protecting your long term interests. Only a few months after giving away your money, each of you had to take furlough days and MCGEO secured nothing for you in 2011.

They as well did not secure a long term no layoff guarantee for employees.


County workers in the county report no response to their phone calls.

County workers never see a MCGEO representative in the workplace.

County workers have never seen a UFCW international representative in their workplace despite $1,000,000.00 of your dues money being sent to them.

County workers complain that MCGEO representatives lack the experience to effectively represent them.

MCGEO changed their representation model a year ago, putting all the burden of representation on the backs of their appointed shop stewards. County workers complain that they don't want shop stewards being their only line of defense.


Its president is facing 25 years in jail for charges that he assaulted his wife, put a gun to her head, and made statements to her that would disgust anyone. Other that are associated with the union lack the experience to protect your interests.

Enough is Enough!


NCEU,UPSEU · PO BOX 86169 · MONTGOMERY VILLAGE · MD 20886 · 1·800· 833· 3688

Go to for further information.

Kevin E. Boyle, Jr., President UPSEU