Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lenett vs. Manno in Leisure World

The District 19 Senate race is heating up in the ad pages of Leisure World News. Here is what incumbent Mike Lenett and challenger Roger Manno had to say in the district’s most critical pair of precincts.

Manno ran an ad on July 6 featuring endorsements from the entire 2003-2006 delegation. Former Senator Len Teitelbaum says, “Roger Manno is someone who has demonstrated an ability to get along with people and provide meaningful leadership.” Delegate Hank Heller says, “Roger Manno brings people together. That’s something we need in District 19.” Both comments are subtle digs at Lenett and play on Manno’s slogan, “Leadership Takes Teamwork.”

In the same issue, Lenett ran an ad inviting residents to a series of campaign coffees. Lenett offers a “Coffee Clutch Crew Creed” that states the following:

We put substance over slogans
We value accomplishments over ambitions
We believe in unity, not divisiveness
We want to hear about issues, not rumors
We make up our own minds, not succumb to pressure

What do you think the mail will look like in a month?