Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How to Show Momentum, Part Two

Here’s a few more ways for candidates to show momentum over the next couple months.

4. Blast your lit.
We will never understand candidates who do not want their literature posted on this blog. Look people, when we reprint your literature, we are spreading your message for free. So just send it to us because your district residents will probably pass it along anyway. We ran almost every candidate piece in the 2009 District 4 special election. Since then, we have run literature from Council Members Marc Elrich, Roger Berliner, and Phil Andrews and Senator Mike Lenett (D-19). Lenett’s Big Stick image, which we reprint again below, is priceless. Candidates should keep it coming and show everyone what you’ve got!

5. Release supporter statements.
This is an ancient tactic but it acquires new life on blogs. During the 2009 special election, Council Member George Leventhal sent us a guest post comparing Nancy Navarro to Marilyn Praisner. That rattled the Kramer campaign enough so that Alison Klumpp, Marilyn Praisner’s daughter, responded with an angry blog post denouncing it. Supporter statements have value because they may carry more credibility than a candidate’s own statements, especially when coming from prominent people. The above exchange had a side benefit of low-grade psychological warfare.

If we could pick the three best supporter statements in this county, they would come from Barack Obama, Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards, in that order. Land one of them and you’ll be right as rain.

6. The video endorsement.
When Donna Edwards endorsed Nancy Navarro last year, the Navarro campaign could have contented itself with a mere press release. But they went one step further with this video.

The imagery says it all. Progressive hero Donna Edwards has her arm around Navarro, testifying to her credentials before a clapping crowd. This video cemented Navarro as the progressive candidate in the race and she rode that message to victory.

7. Show your money.
Campaign finance reporting is very irregular. It is a crying injustice that there are no financial reports required for state and county candidates between January and August this year. It is not much better during short special elections. But in 2008, Don Praisner’s special election campaign began printing all of his contributions on his website right after they came in. Praisner scored points with his disclosure, and he also stressed the differences between his contributors and those of his opponents – a key part of his message. Other candidates who do the same in coming months will be respected for their honesty and, if their results are good, for their strength.

8. Move on the small issues.
During the 2009 special election, opponents to movement of the Wheaton library became a factor. So Nancy Navarro sent out a targeted mailer into a couple precincts where the issue was important siding with the opponents. Ben Kramer’s campaign squawked since they too opposed the move, but they never made a mailer out of it – and never sent it along to the blogs.

More tomorrow, folks!