Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Daddy’s Facebook Page

In a move that has changed social media forever, Senate President Mike “Big Daddy” Miller has established a Facebook page for his fans. But this is not a normal page – it’s an online museum devoted to one of the most legendary personalities in the Free State’s history. Here are a few of our favorite photos!

“I know I look like a sportscaster, but it’s the seventies so gimme a break.”

“Don’t blame me. Whatever it is, it’s the House’s fault.”

“You wanna be my deputy full time?”

“Whaddaya mean you can’t have slot machines inside the church?!”

“Let’s do the Hustle!”

“Forget about it, young man. You’ll never be Senate President.”

“Do I actually have to eat this?”

“Cripes, they don’t clap like this for me!”

Stylin’ with Steny!

“Can I have somebody… anybody else give me this award?”

“You want another goddam amendment?”

“Did I hear you say that you’re a Republican?!”

“Bubba, who’s your Daddy?”

“If I could get to the top, so can you. Just do your homework, eat your vitamins and drink your Chivas.”

“Don’t worry, Mike – God forgives!”