Thursday, March 11, 2010

Montgomery County Democratic Party Award Winners

By Marc Korman.

On Sunday, May 2nd the Montgomery County Democratic Party is holding its annual Spring Ball. As part of the annual event, the Party gives out awards to dedicated Democrats. I am pleased to announce those winners here.

Jack Dean-Helen Peacock Precinct Official of the Year Award
The Precinct Official of the Year award is presented in recognition of outstanding Democratic Party activism within the precinct organization. The award is named in memory of Jack Dean and Helen Peacock, two outstanding precinct officials. Jack Dean was a founding member of the Eastern Montgomery Democratic Club. Helen Peacock was a member of the Democratic Central Committee. The award originated as a District 20 Democratic Caucus honor, but in 1982 became a County-wide award.

Previous winners have included District 16 activist Sue Byrnes, District 15 activist David Bailey, and former Central Committeemember Karen Czapanskiy.

This year’s award is being split between Lucy Freeman and Sylvia Diss. Lucy is the Precinct chair in Somerset and has been tireless in her efforts for Democrats. Her efforts have included house parties and local canvasses to bring new neighbors into the party. Syliva is a District 15 precinct official who created a palm card for officials to use when walking their neighborhoods.

Rosalie Reilly Lifetime Service Award
The Lifetime Service Award is given for outstanding commitment and contributions to the County Democratic Party. Rosalie Reilly was the County Registrar of Wills from 1978 to 1989 and chaired the Maryland Democratic Party. The award began in 1989.

Previous winners have included former County Executive Doug Duncan, former Delegate Don Robertson, and former State Senator Idamae Garrot.

This year’s award is going to former Delegate Carold Petzold from District 19. In addition to her service in Annapolis, Delegate Petzold has served on the Aspen Hill civic Association, Aspen Hill Friends of the Library, the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, and many other community organizations.

Rita Morgan-Bruce Jerney Community Service Award
The Community Service Award was established in 1985 to bring attention to party activists who devote a substantial time to community service. Jerney was a precinct official and worked with mentally and physically disabled children in Takoma Park. Morgan was active in supporting fair housing and worked with autistic children.

Previous winners have included Gino Renne of MCGEO, Former Council members Bruce Adams and Donell Peterman, and former Planning Board Chairman Norman Christeller.

This year’s winner is Francine Towbridge-Winston. Francine is a District 39 activist who has helped start the Montgomery County Democratic Party’s Serving Our Community Committee. The committee is a new effort of the local party to do more community service in addition to political work.

Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award
The Volunteer of the Year Award was created in 1998 to honor an outstanding year of volunteer activity by a Party activist. The award is named after Kesley Cooke Meyersburg, a hard working activist who continued her efforts even after undergoing kidney dialysis three times a week.

Previous winners have included the Craig Rice Campaign Team in 2006 and former Congressional candidate Don Mooers.

This year’s winner is Eliot Greenwald from District 16. Eliot practically moved to Virginia during both the 2008 and 2009 campaigns. Closer to home, Eliot gave significant time to the Democratic nominees in the Council District 4 Special Elections that elected Don Praisner and Nancy Navarro.

Democrat of the Year Award
The Award goes to a person who has given outstanding service and commitment to the Democratic Party over the past year. Previous winners have included the Bethesda Obama Office, Catherine Leggett, and Maryland Democratic Party Chair Susie Turnbull.

This year’s winner is Kate Rhudy. Kate is a District 20 resident and the Democratic Party’s liaison to the Board of Elections. That liaison role is especially important now as we implement early voting for the first time.

In addition to these Central Committee awards, the Democratic Trustees (former Democratic elected officials) have given their annual award to Gene Counihan. Gene was a Delegate and currently serves as chair of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

I hope you will join me in congratulating all of this year’s award winners at the Spring Ball on Sunday, May 2nd.

Author’s Note: Special thanks to MCDCC Secretary Elliot Chabot for much of the information presented here.