Thursday, March 25, 2010

Madaleno: “Dire Financial Straits” Justify Teacher Pension Handoff

News Channel 8's Bruce DePuyt interviewed Senator Rich Madaleno (D-18) about his plan to shift teacher pension obligations to the counties. Among Madaleno's reasons for characterizing teacher pensions as unaffordable is the 2006 pension benefit increase lobbied for by the teachers union and signed by Governor Bob Ehrlich. Madaleno contrasts the cost of paying for teacher pensions to the cost of paying for services for the developmentally disabled. DePuyt also asks Madaleno if Senate President Mike "Big Daddy" Miller put him up to this - a subject of rampant speculation among our sources. The video of DePuyt's interview with Madaleno can be seen for a short period of time on this page.