Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tom DeGonia Drops Out of District 19 Delegate Race

Tom DeGonia, who finished sixth of eight candidates in the 2006 District 19 Delegate primary, has announced that he will not run in 2010. DeGonia had been exploring a run and would have been a credible contender this year. Following is his email to supporters.

Dear Friend,

Over the past several months, I have been actively exploring a run for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 19. We have assembled an outstanding campaign team and energized our supporters. I am humbled to have so much encouragement within the diverse community that comprises District 19. School teachers and principals, labor activists, small business owners, civic leaders, current and former elected officials, leaders in the legal community, and parents, friends and neighbors, too numerous to count, have all pledged their time and efforts to my campaign. I am truly honored that so many believe I am the right person to represent our District.

Public service is a demanding calling, and requires commitment and sacrifice in order to serve the public at the level it deserves. I have always dedicated my full efforts and enthusiasm to achieving this goal. However, my primary responsibility has always been, and will continue to be, to my family. While I was looking forward to the opportunity to represent District 19 in the Maryland House of Delegates, and to the excitement of the campaign trail, recent and personal family circumstances have presented demands that will interfere with my ability to focus on campaigning for elected office. I am happily committed to being the best husband and father I can be, and I will therefore not be seeking elected office at this time.

Though I will not be campaigning this year, I expect my role in the community to continue undiminished, and I will remain committed to advocating on behalf of the people and causes about which I care passionately. Accordingly, I intend to remain an active voice in such organizations as the Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation, The Foundation Schools, Montgomery County’s Collaborative Advisory Board, and the Montgomery County Bar Association.

Besides announcing my intentions, I am sending out this email to express my appreciation for your support, and to let you know that I would like to remain in touch. If you have a moment, please take the time to click on this link and update your contact information on my web site.

Thank you again for your support and respect. I look forward to continuing my work on your behalf.


Tom DeGonia

By Authority Friends of Tom DeGonia, Michael Bayewitz, Chairman, Kristina Padilla, Treasurer.