Monday, March 29, 2010

Bob Hydorn Files for Delegate in District 39

Montgomery Village Foundation President Bob Hydorn has filed to run for the office of Delegate in District 39. Montgomery Village occupies much of the northern part of the district, which curls like a "C" to the north and west of Gaithersburg. The incumbent Delegates are three-termer Charles Barkley, freshman Saqib Ali and appointee Kirill Reznik. Barkley and Reznik are expected to run again for their current seats. Ali has been making a lot of noise about his disagreements with Senator Nancy King, who beat him out for the Senate appointment in 2007, but he has not announced whether he will challenge her or stay put. Hydorn starts with a nice geographic base but the incumbents have a head-start on him in making the rounds of the district. Following is Hydorn's announcement email.

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Sent: Mon, Mar 29, 2010 7:38 PM
Subject: Robert (Bob) Hydorn files for Md. House of Delegates Primary Race District 39

Residents of Maryland House of Delegates Election District 39;

This past Friday I filed what the State of Maryland Board of Elections calls "Certificate of Candidacy - 2010 Gubernatorial Primary Election" form, and SBE/CCF #5-304 IS "Candidate Information Sheet."

The forms are attached for public review.

The following are some of the key elements that I will be representing my constituents for in Annapolis.

* Maryland's reputation for excellence in public education is on the slide/ has been eclipsed by neighboring jurisdictions. I will work to restore excellence in our schools.

* Small businesses are fighting to keep a footing in our state. I will support the needs of the small businessman/woman, because small business creates the majority of the jobs in America.

* I will fight to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility back to Annapolis. Government must learn to live within its means, just like any Maryland family.

* In my district, the police and fire services have eroded to dangerous levels. I will work to raise the level of staffing and resources for our police and fire services, to ensure the safety of our communities.

Robert (Bob) Hydorn

By Authority: Bob Hydorn for State Delegate - District 39, Katherine H. Gray –Treasurer
Corbly A. McNay – Campaign Manager