Thursday, January 07, 2010

Republicans Implode in Western Maryland

For the moment at least, Republican Central Committees in Frederick and Washington Counties have deadlocked on which nominee will replace Delegate Rick Weldon (I-3B), who is stepping down to become the City Manager in Frederick. Weldon left the GOP in 2008, but since he was elected as a Republican, the party committees have the right to replace him. Since they cannot agree on one nominee, they are sending two names to Governor O'Malley and allowing him to select Weldon's successor.

Frederick and Washington Counties are two of the few places in the state where Republicans hold a clear edge over Democrats. The prospect of a Democratic Governor deciding who will obtain a state legislative office in this area is unthinkable. Red Maryland founder Bill Streiff bitterly complained about this, saying:

...The instructive point is that the Maryland GOP is essentially broken, perhaps irredeemably so. The decision to let the opposition choose your representatives is what one expects to find among subjugated peoples rather than with a major political party. If we cannot decide upon a replacement for a state delegate how can we expect to combat Governor O'Malley's destruction on the state's economy and rampant cronyism?
Streiff is absolutely correct. No Democratic Central Committee would ever have allowed former Governor Bob Ehrlich to pick a legislative replacement. Democrats all over the state are laughing just as hard - and maybe harder - than they did over the Pelura fiasco.

If the Republicans want any respect in Annapolis or from the voters, they need to close ranks, stand and fight. Otherwise, they will be steamrolled.