Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian Orphans Need Your Help!

By Adam Luecking.

I am writing on behalf of my friends, Michael and Monica Simonsen who have been in the process of adopting their son, Stanley Hermane (DOB: 4/9/2008), from Haiti since August 2008. Stanley was brought to Petit Anges de Chantal orphanage when he was only two months old. He was severely malnourished and covered in scabies. They have visited him in Haiti three times, each time bringing supplies and donations to the orphanage. The resources are scarce under normal circumstances and with the current crisis, there is a genuine concern that the children will not survive. They have received a USCIS approved I-797C form and signed and submitted their I-600 in front of an immigration official at the U.S. embassy in Haiti. I know that there are many families around the country who are at various stages of the adoption process and they need your help.

I am also writing to request that you support initiatives created to help expedite the adoption process for children who already have completely committed U.S. approved families waiting at home. Expediting the process will not only secure their safety but will free up already scarce resources for children orphaned by this disaster. Please contact Congress or donate at

Thank you, in advance, for your swift action in helping bring Stanley and all the other children in Haiti currently in the adoption process home. Michael and Monica have been close friends since my college days and have been waiting on this child for a long time.