Sunday, January 17, 2010

Costco Story EXPLODES (Updated)

MPW's Costco coverage has exploded across numerous media outlets, including one in India. It is clear that the Montgomery County government has come under nearly unprecedented scrutiny for its consideration of a subsidy for the giant big box retailer and its even bigger sponsor, Westfield.

The Dallas Morning News carried objections to the project from Filippo Leo, owner of the beloved Wheaton Italian deli Marchone's.

Business Week linked to our post on Filippo's anti-Costco remarks.

USA Today covered Filippo's comments as well.

Daylife Publishers in New York City also linked to our post on Filippo.

Maryland on My Mind, a blog from Ocean City, is keeping close tabs on the story.

And most shockingly, the story has even been linked by a website in India.

This story is still in its early stages. What will be the reaction to what we print tomorrow?

Update: Twitter has erupted with links to our posts, especially the post describing the opposition to Costco from Wheaton small business owner Filippo Leo.