Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ficker to Ali: "You are the Greatest"

Anti-tax activist and former Republican District 39 Senate candidate Robin Ficker crashed Delegate Saqib Ali's listening tour last week. But the former Bullets heckler did not go to harass Ali - rather, he went to encourage him!

After one event, Ficker gushed:

I found Delegate Ali to be extremely well-spoken on his listening tour in Germantown. It is essential to pass his bill which mandates publication on the world wide web of legislative committee votes. Many lobbyists are paid $500,000/yr to lobby committees. That is where the action is. It is not fair that legislators could vote secretly in committee and then tell the voters something else. Go Ali! You are the greatest!
We have asked Ficker whether he intends to endorse Ali and he has not yet responded. But if Ficker truly wants to help Ali, perhaps he will consider allowing Ali to attend to District 39 constituents without butting in!