Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Worst Incumbent Fundraiser in MoCo? (Updated)

One incumbent Delegate in MoCo raised just $350 in contributions and spent $2,540 in fundraising expenses in 2009. This may just be the worst performance by any incumbent in the county. This Delegate is:

Jim Gilchrist of District 17.

Gilchrist received a check from Edward Eagles of Washington DC for $300 and another check from Eileen McGuckian of Rockville for $50, both on 8/7/09. Despite her Rockville address, McGuckian lives in District 16, so Gilchrist's in-district contributions were ZERO. Gilchrist wrote a check for $2,540 to Martin-Lauer for a "political fund raising event" on 7/22/09. If Martin-Lauer's event only nabbed those two checks, Gilchrist should ask them for his money back.

Not all the numbers are in, but an incumbent would have to do REALLY badly to undercut this result. Hey Sam and Saqib - a little help here?

Update: One of our spies accused us of a typo when we called Gilchrist the worst fundraiser in the county, writing, "Didn’t you mean COUNTRY, not COUNTY????"