Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kagan Outraises Forehand (Updated)

District 17 Senate challenger Cheryl Kagan claims to have raised $63,216.93 in cash in 2009 and to possess $96,032.74 in the bank in a new press release. If her results are accurate, that would mean that she has outraised incumbent Senator Jennie Forehand by better than three-to-one over the last two years.

Forehand’s 2009 report is online while Kagan’s results appear in a press release that we are reprinting below. Since Kagan’s report should show up on the state’s website in a day or two, she has nothing to gain by discussing inaccurate numbers on a press release – although we will be checking them. We performed some quick calculations on the two candidates’ fundraising numbers since 2008 that we display below.

Over the last two years, Cheryl Kagan has realized a net gain of $72,442.67 while Jennie Forehand has realized a net gain of $21,225.40.

Challengers who do not already hold office tend to outraise incumbents in only two circumstances: when they can tap into a national fundraising network (like 2006 County Council candidate Duchy Trachtenberg) or when they can self-finance (like 2006 Senate candidate Mike Lenett). Kagan relies on neither source of money and reports an average donation level in 2009 of just $128.17. With all the advantages of incumbency, Forehand should not be outraised by Kagan by three-to-one over a two-year period, especially since Kagan has been anything but quiet about her campaign activity.

Kagan’s press release appears below.

Update: The State Board of Elections has verified the data in Kagan’s press release. Amazingly, Kagan actually returned $1,000 of $4,000 given to her by the Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters PAC because it exceeded her self-imposed limitation of half the legal limit for contributions, which is $6,000 in the case of PACs.