Monday, December 07, 2009

Top Blog Posts, November 2009

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in November 2009.

1. Delegate Sheila Hixson's Son Passes Away
2. Problems on the Left for Kratovil
3. More on Ivey vs. Edwards
4. Former Delegate Jean Cryor Passes Away
5. Who is Behind
6. Turnbull Taunts Ehrlich
7. Worst Picture Ever of a Council Member?
8. MoCo Threatens to Sue the State Over School Funding
9. How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill Right Now
10. MdTA Releases More Documents on Free E-ZPasses for Legislators

Our post on Delegate Hixson's son was the runaway leader this month. Todd Hixson had many friends all over the country, some of whom left their memories of him in comments on our blog.

Our post on saving money on electricity originally went up in July but interest in it continues unabated. Many people are now discovering small renewable energy companies like Clean Currents in Rockville. Do they know that re-regulation could wipe out these companies by forcing consumers to buy their power once again from the giant monopolies?

Surprise, surprise - the MACO drunks still lead in downloaded graphics. Their fame could well outlast the Governor's term in office!