Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ice Hills of Silver Spring

The county is claiming that snow clearing is completed. Tell it to the people who live in my neighborhood, now known as the "Ice Hills of Silver Spring."

Here is the county's snow removal map claiming that every precinct is cleared as of this evening.

And here are pictures of the intersections of Dameron Drive with Sherwood Road, Sanford Road, Tilton Drive and Belvedere Boulevard in Silver Spring, just north of Holy Cross Hospital, taken only minutes before the county's report. All of these roads lie on hills, and Sherwood is particularly steep. Since the snow tapered off late Saturday night, these pictures show the progress made by the county over a three-day period.

This is your author's neighborhood. A plow may have come by on Sunday, but since then, the roads appear untouched. The white areas are not so much snowy as they are icy. They are dangerous for both cars and pedestrians. The only bare areas are the spots once occupied by cars that were dug out by their owners. Are these roads "clear?"

We hope that the County Council's Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee discusses this when they convene next month.