Sunday, December 27, 2009

Montgomery County 2009: What Will 2010 Bring?

A verse and a challenge by Sharon Dooley.

Twas the night before New Years and all was still
The offices were closed; in the air was a chill.

The county was broke; the blogs did moan
However ratings still held; could we get a loan?

Positions were fluid, then suddenly hard
Who it appears would hold the top card?

As unions, and non-profits did their cash dance
Each hoped fervently that their cause would advance;

Council members were wooed and vilified as all
Tried for their attention and waited for their call.

The County Exec over across the street,
Re-did the numbers on his balance sheet;

He furrowed his brow, shook his tired head
How do these figures stay in the red?

He hoped for a miracle to surely change
The numbers that stubbornly seemed so strange.

What should Montgomery County do?
Where was the answer to this budgetary stew?

The new council Pres shook her blonde head
Since Budget cuts she had hoped to shed.

As she took office she wanted to grow
And help the county promise to show

So what is the answer, dear voter please try
Give us the answers; the new course to fly

Help the county to again be on track
Assist in keeping our mission intact.

What should you, what would you cut out
If the decision was yours, no don’t just pout

Answer right now, what is an excess load?

Is it the ICC – that Lexus road (nope, that is the state)

Could it be snow plowing – it never snows here – guess not!

How about the Purple line and the CCT – never will happen – nor should it!

Education – no, that is a sacred cow – even without maintenance of effort

Jobs and salaries – should they be decreased – but we need jobs and workers, how could that be?

Funding for non-profits – but the needs are so great – see this is not easy!

So tell me please – MPW - folks – if you were an elected county official - what could be dismissed from our budget of over 4 Billion dollars; it is easy to criticize, but now let’s see how creative you each can be.

Come up with your list of the top three (we know how Adam loves lists) the top three to keep and the top three to cut. Do let us know before the New Year!