Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stuffing the Ballot Box

You know it had to happen, people: someone has tried – successfully – to stuff MPW’s ballot box. And we caught him in the act!

The “box,” of course, is MPW’s poll on Tuesday’s Council President selection. Late last night, Roger Berliner was leading Nancy Floreen by 8.5 points. And then this went up on Twitter:

What a great son he is! Shortly after this tweet went out, Council Member Floreen closed the gap.

Now come on, dear readers. The office of Council President is primarily symbolic. The President’s main duties are talking to the press and showing up at events. Phil Andrews expressed relief on his last day as President because he could resume actually going home on some days after work. No legislation or votes change because of who is President. And the horrible budget deficit doesn’t care who it is that gets to tell the media how horrible it is!

If MPW readers want to flood into our utterly meaningless but delightfully petty poll, be our guests. We’ll never say no to the extra site visits! Our only problem is the disappointing performance of the “rat’s behind” option, favored by both your author and his wife. Doesn’t everybody know that rats tend to do well in politics?