Friday, December 11, 2009

More Swarming at the Polls

We have uncovered two more efforts to jam our ballot boxes!

This email has been circulating in favor of rumored At-Large hopeful Roz Pelles, a Silver Spring resident who is the AFL-CIO’s Director of Civil Rights:

Dear friends:

Please go to the link below and vote for Roz Pelles in the poll. Also forward this link to all of your friends and please tell them to do the same. She would make a great council member and we really want to encourage her candidacy.

There is a poll up about potential at-large council challengers in Montgomery County.

Thank you very much for your support.
While we cannot tell where this email originated, it has had some effect. Pelles was a non-factor in the At-Large challengers poll yesterday afternoon, but she now ranks third behind Ben Kramer and runaway leader Hans Riemer. The only problem is that we have seen no signs that she is actually in the race.

Then there is this anti-Duchy Trachtenberg diatribe emailed by an individual named “Sligo Crick Grrl.”


We have voted for her in the past when she ran as a progressive D, but according to some it seems like she is moving to the centerright (maybe because of what we saw in VA with the GOP winning). The local blogs are talking about her record on some issues, please read below. One shouldn't act like a fiscal conservative to make friends with republicans!


On working people issues, they say the "overall record is a disappointment" They report that "When Council Members George Leventhal and Marc Elrich introduced a bill to require contracts for domestic workers Ms. Trachtenberg criticized it as providing “false promises” and said that education of workers was the answer."


Another story talks about "Ms. Trachtenberg did not support a proposal to allow early voting. That proposal would have aided working people with multiple jobs and long hours to vote on days other than Tuesday, including the weekend."

Meanwhile "Early voting was not opposed by any element of Maryland’s left. The League of Women Voters, Common Cause Maryland, the Maryland ACLU and Progressive Neighbors all argued in favor of the amendment. The NAACP has called for early voting in all 50 states."

Marc Elrich understaod this, since it says "Update: After reviewing a draft of Senator Madaleno’s proposal, Council Member Marc Elrich is supporting the bill."

Also see this weird story -

Yes she seems to be good on women's and glbt issues, but what about the rest??? These issues matter to me, as I like wellrounded progressive D's, especially ones that include minority and workingclass causes!!!

Please forward this to classmates, friends, family etc. and tell them to vote the poll!

Tweet ya laterz! and please make sure you are registered to vote in the Dem primary this year so we can get progressives elected!!

At least this individual appears to be a regular MPW reader! Trachtenberg currently has 58.4% of the vote in our most vulnerable At-Large incumbent poll.