Saturday, December 19, 2009

Leventhal, Elrich Gloat as Constituents Get Snowed In

Breaking your back as you shovel your driveway? Have you taken a tumble down icy stairs? Well, two local politicians have absolutely no sympathy for you and they have proclaimed such on Facebook!

Here's Council Member George Leventhal bragging about his trip to Brazil, where it is 97 degrees.

And here's Council Member Marc Elrich hoping that his flight back from London is canceled because of the snow.

Why are these two merry gentlemen so merry? Why, of course, they are in the midst of one of the two month-long vacations the County Council Members get every year. (Even that much time is not enough for some of them.)

These two had better watch out as their snow-shoveling constituents may have little care for gloating politicians. They should take heed or they may be sent to Brazil for good!