Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Top Blog Posts, August 2009

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in August 2009, which was our record month.

1. Pols Party While Budget Burns
2. People with Developmental Disabilities at Risk of Losing Services
3. The MACO Moment
4. Is WMATA Management Starting to Crack?
5. MACO Mushroom Cloud
6. Saqib Ali and Nancy King Discuss Progressive Issues, Part Two
7. Single-Tracking is a Terrible Idea – Except When it’s a Good One
8. Saqib Ali and Nancy King Discuss Progressive Issues, Part One
9. State Legislators Get Free E-ZPasses
10. O’Malley Cuts, Perez Slices

Note the trend: five of the top ten related to government arrogance, hypocrisy or stupidity. August is normally our worst month, but those stories made August 2009 our best month ever.

The most-downloaded graphics were obviously those showing the Governor's drunken staff. That post was BY FAR the most popular piece in the history of the blog.

One series dating back before 2009 that garnered significant attention was our ongoing chronicle of Delegate Saqib Ali's Facebook updates. Ali is a huge cyberspace draw who overshadows all other MoCo politicians in terms of his ability to generate online attention.

We'll have more detailed data on what MPW readers have been perusing in a little bit.