Thursday, September 03, 2009

Johnson Arrest Warrant Case Gets Stranger

Dear readers, in our original post on this subject, we reported that Arizona resident Apryl D. Hunter filed a paternity case against Montgomery College President Brian Johnson in 1998, and that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant on Johnson for failing to pay child support last year. All of that is true, but there is a twist. It’s not Hunter to whom Johnson did not pay child support.

It’s another woman.

Brian Keith Johnson brought a family court case against Carroll Jean Johnson (born 10/12/59) in Maricopa County on 12/3/97. The court issued an order for child support and a joint custody plan on 4/16/98. Johnson last reported current employer information to the court on 1/10/08, after he was hired by Montgomery College. The court ordered the parties to appear for conference on 8/13/08 and filed an arrest warrant on 11/7/08.

Despite Johnson’s filing of current employer information after he was hired by Montgomery College, the last residential address the court had for him was his former home in Pittsburgh. Why?

Even though the Sheriff’s office lists the warrant as active, Johnson claims he has paid the $12,000 in back child support. Here is his statement to the court dated 7/16/09:

Note that the statement does not include an actual copy of a check. If Johnson did pay the money, it is entirely possible that the court did not communicate that fact to the Sheriff’s office.

So here’s the interesting part. Johnson files a family court case against Carroll Jean Johnson on 12/3/97. Johnson files a family court case against Apryl D. Hunter on 8/11/98. Hunter files a paternity claim against Johnson on 9/14/98. So Brian Johnson was litigating three court cases involving different children with two mothers at the same time.

Did any of this appear on Johnson’s background check prior to his hire?