Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Montgomery College President Wanted for Arrest in Arizona

Brian Johnson, President of Montgomery College, is wanted for arrest in Arizona for failure to pay $12,000 in child support.

Before coming to Montgomery College in January 2007, Johnson worked at the Community College of Allegheny County for three years and spent the prior seventeen years at Mesa Community College in Arizona.

On 9/14/98, Apryl D. Hunter (born 3/22/69) filed a paternity complaint against Brian Keith Johnson in Mariocopa County Superior Court. Johnson agreed to be bound by the results of the paternity test.

On 8/11/98, Johnson brought a family court case against Hunter covering issues of child support and custody. The docket shows a contentious case that was actively litigated for three years. The last current employer information was filed on 3/20/07, after Johnson had come to Montgomery College.

On 10/30/08, the Maricopa County Sheriff issued a child support arrest warrant for Brian Keith Johnson for failing to pay $12,000. The last address they had on file was 7002 Bennington Woods Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

We have no doubt that the Brian Keith Johnson in the Arizona legal records is Brian K. Johnson of Rockville. The birthdate (11/30/56) in the lawsuit and on Johnson’s Maryland voter registration is identical. The Pennsylvania home listed on the arrest warrant was purchased by Brian K. Johnson and his wife, Libra J. Johnson, on 10/4/04 for $372,000 and sold on 4/23/07 for $395,000. That home was owned during the time that Brian Johnson worked at Allegheny College. And the lawsuits were filed at the time that Brian Johnson worked at Mesa Community College.

The Washington Post reports that Johnson paid the outstanding child support, but Maricopa County’s records do not show a payment. According to Maricopa Sheriff’s Deputy David Zebro, the arrest warrant is outstanding but not extraditable, meaning that Johnson can only be arrested for the offense in Arizona.

Johnson’s original salary when he was hired was $220,000. He is married with five children.