Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Council Staff: Blast from the Past

Check out these two photos of the County Council staff from the mid-1990s.

Our camera-toting spy tells us this photo was taken in 1996. Ike Leggett cuts a dashing presence near the top right corner and Glenn Orlin (top left) is positively debonaire! The Stella Werner building must have been a swinging place back in those days.

Here's another one from after 1996. Our best guess is that this may have been taken in 1997 or 1998 because Steve Silverman, Blair Ewing and Phil Andrews are not in the photo. They were elected in November 1998. Note the presence of legendary Council Member Marilyn Praisner on the left. I'll bet she was running that building back then.

How many people in these photos are still there? And what will happen when they retire? They may as well shut off the lights and close the doors when that time comes.