Friday, September 04, 2009

Racists Run Wild in MSM

Embattled Montgomery College President Brian Johnson is African-American. That does not matter to the Trustees and the many other people who are genuinely concerned about the college and the taxpayer funds that support it. But it matters a lot to racists, who have been waging a vicious cyber-campaign against Johnson on the basis of his skin color. Their enablers? The Washington Post and the Washington Times.

Consider the following anonymous comments the Post and the Times have allowed on their sites:

From the Washington Post, 8/28/09:

immigrantjustice...again, you don't know what the h*** you're talking about. If you want to play the race card, then did you know that, on paper, Johnson was the LEAST qualified of the final three candidates. Interstingly enough, both of the others were current College presidents, knew what a president should do, and Johnson was NOT--in fact, the campus he was running was going bankrupt. Should have been a clue to the Board of Trustees.

Also interesting enough, Johnson was the ONLY black candidate and he was the one chosen. Racist? Probably. Wrong that the least qualified candidate was chosen? Absolutely! Talk to the Board of Trustees about that one. All the faculty are doing now is calling this clown on his very shady actions. Again, regardless of his race, the RECEIPTS DON'T LIE!

There's NO WAY to justify, in this economy, hiring a limo and driver ON PUBLIC FUNDS. Or any of the other disgusting actions that he's done. Students at a community college come and go, and MC is a 100% commuter school, so their interest in this is probably mild at best. But when you put in 20 or more years in as a faculty or staff, you have a much more vested interest in maintaing the College's reputation, and getting rid of Johnson is a major step in keeping MC at the forefront of community colleges nationwide.

Now, he's just an embarassment and a laughing stock to us all, except the uninformed, obviously, since you keep sticking up for this clown for some reason.
From the Washington Post, 9/2/09:

I agree with the writer who said Affirmative Action will destroy institutions. Looks like Montgomery College is one of them. A public college down the drain because of negligence and overspending on sheer luxury. Sounds like another country, not America.

What do we expect? When will our foolish society learn that affirmative action is destroying some of our most vital institutions. Society pays the price. OK, let's hear from all the "do-gooders" out there...

Could he be the MoCo Community College equivalent of NY Times reporter Jason Blair? An affirmative action fiasco? We all know how emphatic academics are about advancing "people of color" over white candidates, so one has to ask: why and how was this man hired? He obviously does not deserve to have, or keep, this job.

looks like he is just like most affirmative action people. We be entitled. Put this obozo voter in jail where he belongs.
From the Washington Post, 9/3/09:

Those Affirmative Action hires always come back to haunt you.

It's so sad, by reading factual accounts on WaPo, you have the black leader of Montgomery County Community College stealing and doing a horrendous job. You have the black leader of Metro, Catoe doing a horrendous job. He oversaw the worst accident in Metro's history and now he is shutting down Metro with no notice over a holidy weekend. Brilliant. And you have a black Maryland preacher, who instead of trying to lessen instances of crime (just read the Post stories about all the car jackings and gun weilding suspects being shot -- all black men) in the black community, is trying to thwart the efforts of the gay community to make themselves more stable. So, while each group is doing what the can to make themselves more stable, blacks continue to steal, cheat, lie, and then blame everyone else.

Message to black folk, Obama can't pull this wagon of racial harmony by SOME point another black leader has to stop lying cheating and stealin'...okaaaaay!
From the Washington Times, 9/3/09:

So, at a salary of $220,000, the college did not do a criminal history background check? Or any kind of background check. A loser like this guy must have a long track record of scheming, living high, and otherwise losing public trust. Maybe the Board should be held accountable for their poor choice. This guy is just another in a long list of African American's who lie, steal and cheat the American public. Somehow they belive they are entitled. We have failed the African American community by not instilling a strong work ethic, a sense of accountability, and respect.

I think that he is now qualified to serve President Obama now.

another typical empty blak suit, just like obammaba,. it's time to stop the free passes, no more handing blaks jobs because of the color of their skin, from now on they have to have a resume, and it has to be verified, and they have to have accomplished something, and not something as nebulous as "community organizer" the days of white guilt are over.
Brian Johnson has a lot to answer for. His explanations for his credit card expenditures do not wash, and his arrest warrant for failing to pay child support is inexplicable. The Trustees acted properly in suspending him.

But none of that has to do with his race. When racists are given free rein to pounce on Johnson because he is black, they toss slime upon the thousands of people of color who serve this state as elected officials and government employees every day. It is time to crack down on the hate. Lots of us in cyberspace struggle to control comments, including Just Up the Pike, Rockville Central and this blog. Racism is one of the many reasons we prohibit anonymous comments. For all their frothing over journalistic standards, the MSM have no standards for comments and allow their readers to write almost anything.

The bosses of the Washington Post and the Washington Times have a choice. They can stop giving safe harbor to anonymous racists. Or they can lose the confidence of the 2.6 million people of color who live in our Metro area, as well as the whites who deplore hate. Lords of the MSM, decide.