Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MACO Mushroom Cloud (Updated)

At present, about 75% of all traffic to this site consists of direct entries to "Pols Party While Budget Burns." The post has now been linked by WBAL, the Ron Smith Show, the Shari Elliker Show, the Washington Post's Maryland Moment, the Examiner, Inside Charm City, O'Malley Watch, Salisbury News and the Maryland Senate Republican Caucus. This post is on its way to being the most-viewed piece in the history of MPW.

The insiders have totally missed the boat on how huge this story really is for the O'Malley administration.

Update: Now it's on Explore Baltimore County, the Baltimore Sun Forums, Newszap Forums and the Examiner (again).

Update 2: The post peaked at 78% of our traffic and produced the most-visited day in the history of MPW on Wednesday, 8/19/09.