Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Blog Posts, July 2009

Here are the most-viewed blog posts on MPW in July 2009.

1. More Warnings of State Budget Apocalypse
2. How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill
3. Democrats for Pelura
4. Eli El’s Domestic Abuse Record
5. Funniest Facebook Status of the Day
6. Why CCT Supporters Should Give BRT a Chance
7. Print MSM to MoCo: Adios!
8. Dereck Davis vs. Jim Rosapepe on Electricity Reregulation
9. Winners and Losers in the Maryland Blogosphere
10 (tie). The Gaithersburg West Master Plan and the Magic Carpet
10 (tie). Maryland Transit Administration Wants to Record Our Conversations
10 (tie). Saqib Ali Uses Help Save Maryland to Raise Money

The most-downloaded graphics were easily the three pages of the state budget apocalypse letter. As we have said before, that post attracted massive attention from all around the state.

Two older series drew steady traffic in July: Crisis at the Gazette and the Washington Post’s Boy King. Predictably, both received visits from Post IP addresses. The Post may never be able to escape the radiation of those scandals.

We’ll have results for August in a couple weeks!