Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Move of a Treasure

By Rocky Lopes.

Imagine my surprise when I drove east on Bonifant Road past Layhill when I glanced to the left at a community landmark and treasure, the National Capital Trolley Museum. I had to do a double-take: it was gone!

No track, no buildings. Like it was never there!

I knew that the ICC construction was going to affect it, having heard such discussions but I have to admit, I had not been paying close attention.

Fortunately, our community treasure is only moving, as they say, "just up the hill" and will re-open later this summer. Their website gives details about the move, how the trolleys were relocated, and provides photos of their new digs.

I have always enjoyed bringing family and friends to visit the National Capital Trolley Museum. I had been concerned after the 2003 fire that destroyed so much, including some irreplaceable street cars of old that my elders rode and told me about. I recall that my mother and father told me about how they would get on the trolleys to go to work, shopping, and even for the occasional visit to Glen Echo with my older siblings. The line had stopped running by the time I was old enough to ride it, so I had to settle with visiting Glen Echo in the back of my uncle's station wagon.

I can't wait for the grand re-opening of the Trolley Museum at their new site, and see the huge smiles on the faces of our neighbors who enjoy this community treasure, as I do.