Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wayback Machine

Have you ever visited the Wayback Machine? It's a site that archives snapshots of home pages back into the mid-1990s. Let's have a bit of fun looking at a few websites way back when, shall we? (Click on the images for full-screen views.), 12/27/96

The more things change, the more they stay the same..., 5/30/00

It was not that long ago that MoCo only had 5 Democratic Senators and 16 Democratic Delegates. The Dems have come a long way since then., 12/28/98

Remember the good old days when we impeached Presidents for lying? And we mocked the people who proposed doing that to George W. Bush., 8/16/00

Remember when Joe Lieberman was a Democrat? I mean, not just a guy with a "D" or an "I-D" next to his name?, 11/9/00

Ah yes, this is when we were showing the rest of the world what true democracy looks like..., 11/26/00

Did you send in your contribution?, 4/17/99

I just love that Monica headline! The vampire writer selling her underwear probably deserves her own blog post..., 4/12/06

That's right, people, four months before her gubernatorial primary against Frank Murkowski, Sarah Palin had no website! Who could have predicted that?