Thursday, July 08, 2010

Barack Obama's Email in Support of Martin O'Malley

President Obama sent the following email to his list in support of Governor O'Malley.

[Name] --

Since being elected Governor in 2006, Martin O'Malley has been a true champion for the people of Maryland.

He has restored a sense of fiscal responsibility and helped the state grow sustainably, expanding access to health care coverage and continuing to improve Maryland's schools, while also restoring the Chesapeake Bay. His four-year freeze on college tuition brought the cost of higher education within reach of middle-class families.

Governor O'Malley has a lot more to contribute to your state -- and I hope you will do your part to ensure he has four more years to continue his work.

Please sign up to help out his campaign for re-election.

These next few years will be tough, and there is much we need to accomplish together.

And that job will be much easier if there are bold leaders like Governor O'Malley working with us to achieve the same goals.

But his path to re-election will not be easy. His opponent will have lots of support from corporate PACs and lobbyists.

That is why Governor O'Malley needs your support -- knocking on doors, making calls to your neighbors, and working to get the word out about his campaign for Maryland.

Can Governor O'Malley count on your help?

Get started here:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama