Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Aruna Miller Joins District 15 Team

The District 15 state legislators - Senator Rob Garagiola and Delegates Brian Feldman and Kathleen Dumais - have announced their inclusion of open seat Delegate candidate Aruna Miller on their team. Two other Democrats have filed for Delegate: businessman David Fraser-Hidalgo and Montgomery County NOW President Lara Wibeto. But we believe Miller's support from the incumbents plus her presence on the Apple Ballot gives her the edge. Following is the District 15 team's press release.

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Matthew Bohle
June 29, 2010 District 15 Democratic Team

Aruna Miller Joins the District 15 Democratic Team!

Senator Garagiola and Delegates Feldman and Dumais To Campaign with Delegate Candidate Miller

Rockville, Maryland – The District 15 Democratic Team is pleased to announce the formation of the 2010 District 15 Democratic Slate. Seeking reelection in 2010 are Senator Rob Garagiola, Delegate Kathleen Dumais and Delegate Brian Feldman. While the District 15 Team is going to miss Delegate Craig Rice as he makes his run for County Council District 2, the Team is enthusiastic about the addition of Aruna Miller as a candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates.

Aruna has been a community activist who has recently been endorsed by the Montgomery County Education Association and the Montgomery County National Organization for Women.

Miller is a transportation engineer who has over 20 years of experience promoting and implementing safe multi-modal access that is convenient for all users— pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

As a Democrat, she has worked on fund raising efforts for presidential candidates and was a precinct official. In December 2006, Aruna successfully ran as an At-Large member of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. As a member of the Central Committee, she helped initiate New Voter Education to motivate and mobilize young people to take advantage of their right to vote. She Chairs Serving Our Communities (SOC) an initiative to strengthen our communities with volunteers that promote core Democratic values such as healthcare for all, education, and to protect and improve the environment, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all. To date the SOC has volunteered their talents to Women Who Care, The Tree House, S.H.A.R.E [Self Help and Resource Exchange], Montgomery County Homeless Coalition, Friends of Sligo Creek.

Aruna serves on the Board of Directors for the Montgomery County Public Schools Educational Foundation, Inc. (MCPS EF). The MCPS EF provides scholarships for MCPS students, academic-enriching opportunities for students/staff through grants. Since its inception, the MCPS EF has awarded over 1 million dollars in scholarships in addition to over $900,000 in grants.

Here is what the Team had to say about Aruna:

“Aruna Miller will make a great Delegate. I have witnessed her involvement in the community for several years. She is a hard worker, does her homework, and looks for commonsense solutions for the issues we face. As a Delegate, Aruna will be able to make a positive impact for District 15 and Montgomery immediately.” – Senator Rob Garagiola

“As Chair of the Montgomery County House Delegation, it is critical that our County send strong legislators to Annapolis who are smart, substantive and pragmatic. Aruna has all of those qualities.” – Delegate Brian Feldman

“Aruna is the perfect addition to our team. Her consistent dedication and commitment to public service is clearly evident. The breath of her experience will be an asset to our team and the citizens of Montgomery County.” -Delegate Kathleen Dumais

And District 15 Democratic Caucus Chair Daphne Bloomberg shared this about Aruna:

“In 2006, District 15 Democrats elected Aruna Miller to represent us on the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. As our representative she understands the needs of our District and has a proven track record of working on behalf of our residents."

The District 15 Democratic Team will campaign together, go door-to-door, phone bank, and do other campaigning throughout the summer and fall. The District 15 Democratic Team is looking forward to the opportunity to head back to Annapolis, so they can continue to move Maryland forward.

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