Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Transactions Worth Noting, Part Two

Here’s a few more tidbits for the politically obsessed!

Here are the candidates to whom the giant MoCo county employees union MCGEO gave more than $1,000 over the last reporting period.

Council Member Valerie Ervin: $5,000 on 4/8/09
Council Member George Leventhal: $3,000 on 7/11/09
Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20): $2,000 on 9/21/09
Delegate Tom Hucker (D-20): $1,500 on 10/7/09
Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown: $3,000 on 10/20/09
Governor Martin O’Malley: $1,300 on 10/26/09
Delegate Norman Conway (D-38B): $2,000 on 11/23/09
County Council candidate Becky Wagner: $3,000 on 11/25/09
Delegate Tom Hucker (D-20): $1,500 on 12/22/09

Looks like MCGEO has forgiven Wagner for her long-ago opposition to living wage! That’s what happens when the alternative is Duchy Trachtenberg.

Here are all the individual contributions received by Delegate Saqib Ali (D-39) of at least $1,000 over the last reporting period.

Kashif A. Firozvi, Silver Spring, MD: $2,500 on 1/12/10
Amer Ahmad, Powell, OH: $2,400 on 1/7/10
Mirza N. Baig, West Des Moines, IA: $2,000 on 12/8/09
Mohsin Jaffer, Weston, FL: $2,000 on 1/12/10
Pinky Singh, Potomac, MD: $1,000 on 8/11/09
Saleem Khan, Woodbridge, VA: $1,000 on 8/11/09
Shahid J. Hashmi, Darnestown, MD: $1,000 on 9/2/09
Zeelaf Munir, Lewes, DE: $1,000 on 9/18/09
Anas Abuzaakouk, Burke, VA: $1,000 on 11/2/09
Ikram Koreshi, Ashburn, VA: $1,000 on 11/29/09
Nasser Basir, Highland, MD: $1,000 on 12/4/09
Yahya M. Hendi, Frederick, MD: $1,000 on 12/8/09
Zahid Butt, Ellicott City, MD: $1,000 on 12/8/09
Mohammed M. Mohiuddin, Frederick, MD: $1,000 on 12/8/09
Mudusarr I. Raza, Frederick, MD: $1,000 on 12/31/09

Here are all the individual contributions received by Delegate Susan Lee (D-16) of at least $1,000 over the last reporting period.

David Y. Han, Bowie, MD: $2,000 on 12/9/09
Ngoc Q. Chu, Rockville, MD: $1,000 on 1/12/10
Rita Lee, Silver Spring, MD: $1,000 on 12/18/09
David Yao, Bethesda, MD: $1,000 on 12/18/09
Belkis Leong-Hong, Gaithersburg, MD: $1,000 on 12/16/09
Chieh San Cheng, Potomac, MD: $1,000 on 12/11/09
Young Suk Choi, Ellicott City, MD: $1,000 on 12/11/09
Na Bee Yi, Tracy’s Landing, MD: $1,000 on 12/9/09
Kyung Soon Oh, McLean, VA: $1,000 on 12/9/09
Linda Pak Han, Bowie, MD: $1,000 on 12/9/09
Catherine L. Kohn, Bethesda, MD: $1,000 on 11/2/09
Steve P. Choi, Potomac, MD: $1,000 on 11/2/09
Kun K. Sin, Silver Spring, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Hak Soo Park, Waldorf, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Heung T. Moon, Rockville, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Soo J. Lee, Potomac, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Young Son, Laurel, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Young Cheon Kim, Fairfax, VA: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Charles Y. Kim, Gaithersburg, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Hee J. Chung, Fairfax Station, VA: $1,000 on 8/7/09
Soon B. Kim, Bethesda, MD: $1,000 on 8/7/09

MPW Contributor and MCEA Board Member Eric Luedtke opened a campaign account in a brief, and ultimately abandoned, challenge to Senator Rona Kramer (D-14). Luedtke raised $5,700. His contributors included MCEA President Doug Prouty ($250), former District 4 County Council candidate Pat Ryan ($250), Action Committee for Transit President Ben Ross ($250), former MCDCC Member Oscar Ramirez ($200), MoCo Sierra Club Chair David Hauck ($200), Delegate Heather Mizeur staffer Patrick Metz ($100), Delegate Saqib Ali staffer Merry Eisner ($100), District 2 County Council candidate Sharon Dooley ($100) and MPW writer Marc Korman ($100). Congratulations to all of them, as we guarantee that every one of these people has earned a place on Rona Kramer’s enemies list!

Delegate Luiz Simmons (D-17) has paid a late fee on every single report he has filed since his current campaign account opened in 2006. Way to bat one thousand, Lou!

I am the Treasurer of the District 18 Democratic Team, which includes Senator Rich Madaleno and Delegates Ana Sol Gutierrez, Jeff Waldstreicher and Al Carr, and have given them all great heaping gobs of money over the years. I have also contributed to County Executive Ike Leggett, Delegate Tom Hucker (D-20) and County Council Members George Leventhal, Nancy Floreen, Marc Elrich and Valerie Ervin as well as to Hans Riemer’s 2006 campaign. No, I am not printing the amounts, because if my wife saw them, she would blow me to smithereens and permanently delete MPW. But if you would like to research my contributions or anyone else’s, you can do so at the State Board of Elections website. And all the politicians should know right now that my nanny bills prevent me from giving anyone any more money, so don’t ask!