Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Blog Posts, September 2010

These are the most-visited blog posts on MPW in September, our record month. (See here for the most-visited posts in the two weeks immediately before the primary election.)

1. Nuclear War in District 19
2. Early Morning Analysis: Winners and Losers
3. Light Saqib, Dark Saqib
4. We’re Calling Them!
5. Illegal Sample Ballot Goes Out in Prince George’s County
6. Early Vote Results
7. Police Call for Investigation of Duchy Trachtenberg
8. Do You Believe Your Own Eyes?
9. Why Duchy Trachtenberg Fell
10. Saqib and the Seven Dwarfs

There you have it, folks. For MPW readers, the top three stories of the primary were the extraordinarily negative Senate races in Districts 19 and 39 and the defeat of Council Member Duchy Trachtenberg. We already know the top story of the general election: who wins the Governor’s contest. We just don’t know how that will turn out – yet.